About Us


FPV-POWER is a family owned business based in Melbourne that provides lithium power storage solutions to a broad range of industries. Our batteries are used commercially for military, surveillance, drones and UAV, search and rescue and off-grid power storage in addition to recreationally for RV’s, 4 wheel driving, camping, kayak fishing and marine applications.

We also supply LiFePO4 cells and Maxwell Super Capacitors to the DIY market and have a FB internet group where we discuss and share ideas with fellow tinkerers! 

Our Team:

Lead Tinkerer and tech guy, Ian grew up voiding warranties on most things our parents bought by taking things apart and more often than not, leaving dad (aircraft engineer) to put things back together again! Ian is the man to speak to if you have a project and will point you in the right direction with sound technical advice.

Designer of our hugely popular FPV-POWER Kayak batteries and accessories, Brandon is a keen Outdoorsman and Kayak fisher who enjoys travelling around the country in search of new fish species to catch. Brandon can often be found (or sometimes can’t be found) on the water during work hours claiming to be “testing” new gear especially in the warmer months!

Warehouse manager who handles orders and dispatch, Elias is a valuable member of the team with an unhealthy obsession of getting orders out as fast as they come in. He has been known to send Courier drivers away in tears after they arrive a minute later than scheduled. Elias is also head of the complaints department but the only complaint was from himself that there was a lack of complaints to deal with.