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FPV-POWER kayak battery Instructions and basic maintenance

Thank you for purchasing our FPV-POWER kayak battery! Our packs are designed to be simple to use, easy to maintain and come with a one year warranty. However, there are a few things that need to be done to prolong the life of your battery.

  1. Keep your battery charged – Not only will this mean that your battery will be ready for your next outing, but it will keep your battery in tip top condition.

2.    Store in a cool dry place.

3.    Keep the contacts/connections clean – Dirt and salt will not only corrode but can compromise the waterproofness of the seal. Spray terminals with a water displacement spray after use. (We recommend Inox Lanolin as most sprays will destroy the rubber O ring seal over time.)

4.    Mount the battery off the bottom of the kayak – This will help both the battery and connections stay dry and clean.

5.    Mount the battery securely to make sure that it does not get knocked around while in transport or in use.

Do not leave your battery flat for long term storage – The Battery Management System (BMS) will auto cut when the battery hits a safe low voltage. However, if the battery is left in this state for a prolonged period of time, you can permanently damage the cells.
Do not use to power items which draw more than the rated 6A. If unsure, contact us for more information.
Do not open or modify the battery pack in anyway – Opening the sealed case will immediately void your warranty.
Do not leave a charging battery unattended.
Do not charge on or near flammable objects.
Do not drop the battery pack – Batteries are fragile objects and any hard knocks can damage the cells. Damage to the case such as cracks will void your warranty.
Do not leave the battery in the kayak during transport. Do not submerge the battery for longer than one hour as per the IP67 rating.

The battery pack will come with a pigtail that will have two exposed wires on one end and a female waterproof jack connection on the other. Note that the brown wire is positive and the blue wire is negative. The battery will come with 2 waterproof crimps which allows for easy installation and we recommend the use of a proper crimping tool for a reliable connection. The built in Battery Management System will automatically cut out if there is a short but we still recommend having an inline fuse as double insurance for your sounder and/or other electronics.

Charging with standard 2A Charger
1. Plug the supplied 2A charger into the wall and check that there is a green light on the charger.
2. Plug the battery into the charger. The light on the charger will turn red.
3. Once charging is completed, the light will turn green. You cannot over charge our batteries as there is an automatic cut-off.


Charging with Pro Charger

Settings for the 7Ah pack: LiPo Charge 3S 7000mah 3.5A (Do not exceed 3.5A as it will damage the battery)

Settings for the 17.5Ah pack: LiPo Charge 3S 17500mah 6A

How to use the supplied waterproof crimps